A student prodigy from India received medical award for discovering a method that helps you lose weight and go from a size XXL to a size S!

Along with the development of a natural weight loss product, a student from India has made a breakthrough in the fight against excess weight.


Something incredible happened at the dietary congress on . The entire audience applauded the girl behind the stands for 10 minutes. It was Nita Pradhan, a student from India. It was she who suggested using a unique formula that will allow you to lose weight.


Nita proposed a great idea, and its implementation was considered by the Indian authorities. This drug is already manufactured and shows excellent results.

How the new product can help millions of lives, and why can people of India get it at a huge discount? We will talk today in the article.

Correspondent: “Nita, you are one of the ten smartest medical students in the world. Why did you tackle the weight loss? "

Nita: I wouldn't want to talk about this publicly, but the motivation here is purely personal. A few years ago, my mother died of hypertension caused by being overweight. Everything seemed fine, but then she had a sudden hit in the dream and died painfully. My grandmother died the same way. Then I explored the problems associated with being overweight and ways to solve them. I was surprised to find that diets, exercises, and pills weren't working for my mom. For 5 years she used the same tricks that everyone uses to lose weight and it was very disappointing for her to see that time passed but nothing improved in her physical appearance or her well-being.

In the last three years, I have completely immersed myself in this topic. In fact, writing a thesis, a new method of getting rid of being overweight appeared that everyone is talking about now. I realized I found something new. But I couldn't even think that it would any of interest to different institutions.

Correspondent: "What institutions are you talking about?"

Nita: As soon as the posts about my method appeared, I immediately started receiving several offers to sell my idea. The first to contact me was the French people and they offered a lot of money. The last people who contacted me were the Americans, who wanted to buy my formula for even more money (the amounts have not been disclosed). I changed my phone number and I don't use social networks because every day I receive proposals through all communication channels.

Correspondent: "As far as I can see, you didn't sell the formula?"

Nita: No. It may sound a bit harsh, but I did not create the formula to make money with it. What will it be if I sell the formula? They will obtain a patent, prohibit production to others and raise the price of the drug. Maybe I am young, but I am not an idiot. In this case, the people of India will not be able to solve the problems associated with being overweight. One of the foreign doctors told me that such a drug in drug in India must cost 10 times as much as we sell it now. But it is not fair! Who in India can buy it for 40000 ₹? So when I received an offer from the state to participate in the development of a national product, I immediately accepted it. We work with the best specialists.

David Jones, a philanthropist from the United States, scientist, coordinated the production of the product. We asked him to talk about the product and the plans.


Correspondent: «What is the main idea of Nita Pradhan?»

David Jones: "A diet to lose weight is torture and it throws the house out the window!"

These words have already been confirmed by more than 98% of satisfied users of our natural weight loss product.

We decided to learn more about the diets known so far. And we carefully check why they do not bring the desired results. These are the conclusions:

A healthy diet weakens the body and reduces immunity: leads to a lack of vitamins and trace elements. The body loses energy, so we are constantly tired, irritated, and sleepy. The body's resistance to viruses and bacteria decreases dramatically, because of this, we often get sick.

A healthy diet is constant hunger, refusal of favorite food, and remorse: the constant fight against appetite and the rejection of favorite food is hard to overcome. As a result, after such limitations, we can't take it anymore and eat everything, after which we feel remorse and the weight comes back.

A healthy diet is expensive: to maintain the weight we have to eat like this all our lives. No wallet can bear such expenses.

After the healthy diet, comes the yo-yo effect: the body weakened by hunger automatically begins to store energy reserves for later, in connection with which the metabolism slows down until it stops completely. As a result, after the diet, the body returns to its previous weight even faster than before the weight loss.

That is why Nita's slimming formula is a true breakthrough in the fight for a slim figure!

Nita's idea is how to drive a car, show the shortcut to losing weight. A method that helps you lose weight for life. It was she who suggested using a unique chemical formula that would start the ketosis process * without worrying about a low-carb diet!

* Ketosis it is a process of obtaining energy from fat, not glucose that enters the body with carbohydrates. If the body stops getting energy from carbohydrates, after 7-14 days it enters a state of ketosis. As a result, fat cells are actively converted to energy. But it is difficult for a person to follow a diet that eliminates carbohydrates from food.

Nita's goal is a new approach to combating excess weight based on ketosis (the metabolic state in which the body begins to break down fat for energy).

But generally, to achieve ketosis, you need to follow a diet that limits carbohydrate intake for 7-14 days.

According to Nita's formula, the "Green Coffee" product was created. Just 1 tablespoon of this product slows the body's transition into ketosis from 14 days to 40-50 minutes, during which the process of converting fat to energy and reducing visceral fat begins. img

The product provides an intake of ketone bodies from the outside and helps fight visceral fat.

"Green Coffee" triggers the effect of ketosis: it speeds up your metabolism, reduces your appetite, and directly affects your fat stores.

The main characteristics of "Green Coffee" are to accelerate the body's transition to ketosis and to help convert fat into energy.

If you take 1 tablespoon "Green Coffee" twice a day, you can see the first result in a week! img

Today 80% of specialists recommend this complex to their clients.

In addition to ketone bodies, "Green Coffee" contains about 10 natural and safe components necessary to lose weight. They are to enhance the effect of ketones, as well as to support the body in weight loss. I'm not going to list everyone, just a few:
Whey protein concentrate: accelerates metabolism, stimulates fat burning, preserves muscle mass, solves the problem of sagging of the skin and the formation of stretch marks, as well as the formation of new deposits in the area of the sides, belly, and hips.
L-carnitine, L-taurine: They stimulate metabolic processes, accelerate lipolysis (the breakdown of adipose tissue), improve the condition of hair, nails, and skin during thinning, and replenish the essential amino acid reserves in the body.
Anhydrous caffeine: gives the drink a nice and rich chocolate flavor and aroma. Protects from the action of free radicals, rejuvenates cells, and helps to form a beautiful and slim figure.
Calcium pantothenate: neutralizes the effects of an improper diet, removes toxins from the body, further increases the elasticity of the skin and solves the problem of stretch marks.
Riboflavin: Actively breaks down visceral fat, reduces bad cholesterol, suppresses appetite, and alleviates excessive consumption.

I want to show you the results of the tests carried out by the specialists in India. Many obese volunteers participated in the trial. They all took "Green Coffee".

Here are the results of those who tried Green Coffee:

Results after 31 days of taking Green Coffee


Results after 25 days of taking Green Coffee


Results after 20 days of taking Green Coffee


Results after 30 days of taking Green Coffee

Correspondent: Will "Green Coffee" be sold in pharmacies?

David Jones: We try to sell "Green Coffee" through stores for a month. However, we decided to break the contracts for the supply of "Green Coffee" to stores in India because they started to sell our product with a big rise!

Business representatives said that such a high price was justified by the fact that "Green Coffee" is what patients need for treatment and prevention once every 7-10 years. No one else will spend money on old products every month if it is possible to take a "Green Coffee" course and forget about health problems.

And that, they say, results in huge losses of money for the stores! That's why they have raised the price of "Green Coffee" significantly!

That is why the manufacturer of "Green Coffee" has broken the contract with all those companies. Instead of waging a futile war against those who inflate the price 5 times, the manufacturer dedicated itself to online sales! Therefore, we can offer the most favorable price for buyers!

Correspondent: And how much does "Green Coffee" cost?

David Jones: The demand for Green Coffee has grown lately. At the same time, the number of cases of Green Coffee counterfeits has become more prevalent. Our editorial team, together with the manufacturer Green Coffee, have launched a joint promotion for our readers. As a result, the discounted product price is only ₹ 2490!

Correspondent: How long will the discount program last?

David Jones: The promotion in terms of which you can order "Green Coffee" with 50% off (for only ₹ 2490 instead of ₹ 4980), it will last 2 weeks from . Therefore, I recommend placing an order for "Green Coffee" as soon as possible. The program will no longer be done this year!

Correspondent: Where to buy the original "Green Coffee" to avoid a fake?

David Jones: To avoid scams and counterfeits, anyone who wants to buy "Green Coffee" can leave a request directly on our website just below, in a special form!

With the permission of the publisher, we will place the OFFICIAL ORDER FORM immediately after the end of the interview! There, you have to enter your name and phone number and press the "ORDER NOW WITH 50% DISCOUNT" button.

Don't be afraid to leave the form! At this stage, to reserve the product with the discount, you just have to enter your name and telephone number where our operator will call you! He will tell you in detail about the product and answer all your questions of treatment and delivery. It is paid only after receiving the product.

ATTENTION! Avoid counterfeits!

To get the original "Green Coffee" in India with a 50% discount you can leave a request directly on the OFFICIAL ORDER FORM


₹ 4980
₹ 2490

Ask your questions to Professor David Jones, he will help you where he can and will give you answers to all the questions.

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Shivani Pandey

What can you eat and what should you refuse when you use Green Coffee?

David Jones

Our clients eat it all and do not deny themselves anything.

Lalita Shahi

Tell me, does this product have restrictions? I have diabetes, but I need to lose weight.

David Jones

No, it is completely natural and has no contraindications. EVERYONE can lose weight with it!

Anshika Mishra

Is this a medicine for women only? My husband is overweight and has a big beer belly.

David Jones

No, it is suitable for everyone. More than one man has already lost weight thanks to Green Coffee.

Rashmi Thakur

I also got very fat and then I was also drinking Green Coffee. It results in losing 3 kg. Many begin to torture themselves with hunger or sports because they do not believe in the efficacy of other methods. They will never know until they try it.

Shyam Mohan

David, and why isn't this super product sold in pharmacies?

David Jones

As I said before, in our country they do not want to sell it with a minimum margin. And this is the first requirement of the manufacturer - the availability of the drug. Imagine the price that pharmacies and other stores will put on it. It is the first drug with this result and without contraindications. It would sell for a minimum of 30000 ₹. It does not benefit anyone.

Saloni Rai

Half a year ago I took Green Coffee, lost from a size L to a size S for a course. The weight did not return, the product is fantastic

David Jones

Great result!

Divya Shukla

David, please advise the manufacturer who sells the original product

Neha Maurya

And can the course be repeated?

David Jones

It is possible, but for what? One course is enough

Anjali Yadav

I think it's a scam

David Jones

You may believe it or not, but with the help of Green Coffee at least 100,000 of people lost weight!

Swati Aggarwal

It helped me. Thanks David, I lost my size XXL to a size M. Will you help my husband?

David Jones

I'm happy for you. I am sure it will help you

Deepti Gupta

Excellent result. Does age matter?

David Jones

No, since it is completely organic, it has no contraindications, so age is not important

Shobhana Bhadoria

Can I order it only on the Internet?

David Jones

Unfortunately, yes.

Monica Dhillon

How long does it take to wait for an order?

David Jones

We ship the product the next day, therefore, after 2-3 days, the courier will bring your order. You pay for the order only when you receive it.

Sarika Omar

Nor can I be on diets, my maximum was 3 days, then crisis, tears. It's a shame I didn't know about Green Coffee before, I already had liposuction.

David Jones

It's a shame, you could save a lot of money. Liposuction is a very expensive pleasure

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